How do I become a Lawry’s VIP?

You can join Lawry’s VIP in any Lawry’s location or online at Your one-time $25 enrollment fee will be returned to you in the form of a Welcome Award as soon as you register your card. 

Why do I have to register my card?
Registration provides the information we need to link you to your card and to deliver the full benefits of membership, including converting points to rewards and notifying you of your account status, awards and expirations, tier changes, as well as VIP specials throughout the year.

Where can I get my VIP number in order to register my card?
On the reverse of your card, your VIP number starts with “6000…” If you do not have your card available, you can also call Member Services to look up your account or assist you with registration in any way.

How do I earn Rewards?
For every $1 you spend on food, beverage and gift card purchases, you’ll earn 1 VIP Point. For every 250 points, you’ll automatically receive a $25 Reward on your account to use at a future dining visit of your choice. Double and bonus points promotions, which you’ll receive via email for birthday, anniversary and other special times, will help you earn rewards even faster and also help you accumulate points toward achieving higher tiers!

How do I earn higher award tiers, like Lawry’s VIP Prime or VIP Platinum?
Earn 1,000-2,499 VIP points within the calendar year January 1 – December 31, and you’ll receive VIP Prime status from that moment through the end of the following calendar year. Earn 2,500 or more and you’ll receive VIP Platinum status.

What is the qualifying period for moving up (or down) tiers?
Each calendar year January 1 – December 31 is the qualifying period. The total points you earn during that period will determine your status through the following calendar year. 

If you earn a higher tier during the course of the qualifying period, you’ll immediately begin receiving benefits of the new tier, and will continue receiving them through the following calendar year. 

If you are currently a VIP Prime or VIP Platinum, you will keep this status through December 31, 2015.

If you are a VIP Prime or VIP Platinum and do not achieve the minimum qualifying points during the calendar year (starting in 2015), your tier status will be adjusted to the appropriate tier based on points earned, and your new tier will take effect on January 1 following the calendar year period (starting in 2016). 

Where can I find a summary of benefits by tier?
CLICK HERE and scroll down for a summary of benefits by tier.

Do I need to bring my card when I dine in order to get points? 
No. If you don’t have your card, we can look you up by your name, VIP account number or phone number.

How do I check my points balance and see what Rewards/gifts are available to me? 
VIPs can check on the website at, by calling Member Services or by using the new mobile app, which can be downloaded for FREE at iTunes, Google Play or at

When can I use my rewards?
All VIP Rewards/gifts are valid seven days a week, including holidays, with NO blackout dates! They can also be used toward special events unless expressly stated otherwise on event invitations.

How will I know when I’ve earned a new reward, or when existing offers on my account are about to expire? 
We’ll notify you by email each time an award is added to your account. We’ll also email you reminders when awards are about to expire. Once a reward has expired, it will automatically drop off your account and cannot be re-added.

Will I earn rewards for gift card purchases and private events? 
Yes to both. You’ll earn points for gift card purchases, and there is no limit to how many you can earn when you dine for regular or private events. 

Can I redeem just a portion of a $25 Reward and save the rest for another visit?
Yes! You can redeem the $25 rewards in increments.

How many Rewards certificates can I redeem for a private event?
Up to $500 in Rewards.

I had a Reward on my account that doesn’t appear to be there anymore. What happened?
If your reward/gift has expired, it will automatically drop off your account and cannot be re-added. If you aren’t able to see a reward that is still within its expiration period, please call Member Services and they’ll be happy to assist you.

I was a VIP before the new card-based system launched on October 1. I still have several VIP certificates. Can I redeem them?
Yes, valid paper certificates will be honored through January 31, 2015. Without exceptions, no paper certificates will be accepted or redeemed after January 31, 2015. For more detail on valid paper certificates, you may reference the letter sent to you in September 2014 or simply call Member Services at 877.529.7984.

I’m a VIP Prime/Platinum and I want to convert my $25 Rewards to $25 Reward cards. How do I do that and how quickly can I get them?
Member Services will be happy to honor that request. Give them a call and let them know how many you’d like to convert and where you’d like for them to be sent. All cards are processed the following business day and sent first class mail. Unfortunately, we can only convert rewards to cards for Prime level tiers and above.

Can we split checks among VIPs at one table, even if we’re in different tiers?
We’ll split the check equally among up to four VIPs per table. They’ll each earn points according to their tier status. 

Who do I contact if I have problem with my card or questions about my account?
Call our dedicated VIP Member Services at 877.529.7984, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm PST or email

I never received/I lost my new VIP card. What do I do?
No problem! VIPs can earn points when they dine without a card. If you’d like a replacement card, call Member Services.

Why did you get rid of Early Dining Double Points?
Unfortunately, the new VIP system does not allow for early dining programs. We are looking into ways to fix the issue and may bring the program back, but we plan to offer many other bonus points promotions throughout the year.

Why did you get rid of Monday Double Points? 
Monday double points was not a successful program, so we discontinued it. We do plan to offer many other points programs throughout the year.